Overview of the College:

Technical College of Administration was established as one of the higher education institutions at Duhok Polytechnic University in Duhok, according to Ministerial Order No. 14191/4 on July 10, 2013. The duration of the study program is four years, leading to a bachelor's degree in the respective field of study.

College Vision:

To be a leading and innovative institution in providing modern educational programs and services to keep pace with global developments in administrative, accounting, media and information management specialties. The college aims to meet the needs of the job market and serve the community, especially in a highly technological and competitive global environment, serving as a center for innovation and creativity through the development of high-quality educational programs.

College Mission:

Providing specialized technical knowledge in high-quality administrative, accounting, media, and information sciences education that maximizes the targeted outcome in the learning process. This is achieved by solidifying technical capabilities and fostering the intellectual, practical, and personal skills, as well as the values required by the job market for graduates. This empowers them to contribute their expertise to private sector organizations within the Kurdistan region and prepares the outstanding ones among them to pursue master's and doctoral studies.

College Objectives:

  1. The overall goal of the college is to graduate a new generation of specialized youth in accounting, administrative, media, and information technologies that align with scientific and technological advancements of the modern era.
  2. Adapt to the changing needs of students and organizations, and continue to introduce curricula and study materials focused on outcome-oriented education.
  3. Enhance national and organizational values within the college.
  4. Provide community institutions with scientific and theoretical expertise in accounting, administrative, media, and information technologies.
  5. Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the college as part of the strategic planning process, serving as a basis for performance improvement and quality assurance.
  6. Encourage students to learn and achieve their professional and personal goals.
  7. Open up to various stakeholders outside the college (work environment) and strengthen positive relationships through the establishment of training courses.
  8. Offer consultations and scientific research studies to solve technical and operational problems for the benefit of government and private institutions.
  9. Establish collaborative working relationships with organizations in the work environment, contributing to the achievement of learning objectives through practical aspects of the learning process.

Academic Staff

Technical College of Administration