The Scientific Research Center at DPU is dedicated to advancing its university's presence both locally and globally through exceptional research and innovative graduate programs. Its mission is to create an academic environment conducive to prominent research and graduate programs, aiming to fulfill both university and community objectives. To achieve this, DPU adheres to guiding principles that emphasize multidisciplinary and collaborative research, aligning with national priorities and sustainable development goals of the Kurdistan region. The focus is on enhancing both the quantity and quality of knowledge across various fields, with a strong commitment to ethical research practices. DPU places significant importance on international collaboration in research and knowledge transfer, fostering a close relationship between teaching and research. Engaging stakeholders and the community in identifying research priorities is key to maximizing impact, supported by a robust strategic framework for research and postgraduate studies.


The Scientific Research Center hosts distinguished research and innovative graduate programs that promote the university locally, regionally, and globally.


Creating an academic environment that supports distinguished research and graduate programs that accomplishes the goals of the university and community at large,

Guiding Principles

to realize our vision and mission, DPU is committed to adopting guiding principles that leverage its classification among other universities locally and regionally. These principles are:

  • Multidisciplinary, collaborative research that transfers knowledge and graduate studies is at the heart of our investments, while we continue to sustain support for niche-based research.
  • Contributing to the achievement of national plans and priorities, comprehensive sustainable development of the Kurdistan region, and implementation of the national strategy for scientific research.
  • Improving quantitative and qualitative science and knowledge in a variety of fields.
  • Continuing to encourage and emphasize the international dimensions of research and knowledge transfer.
  • Considering ethical principles and procedures for obtaining all necessary approvals before proceeding and conducting any research.
  • Promoting the partnership between teaching and research.
  • Engage key stakeholders, the community, and end users in identifying university research priorities to maximize its impact.
  • Developing a strong and effective strategic framework for research, knowledge transfer, and postgraduate studies.