To promote and maintain quality of the University programs and prepare technical graduates and researchers with advance and appropriate technology to serve and raise the levels of education for intellectually curious undergraduate and graduate students with accordance to the needs of the market.


to positively uphold Duhok Polytechnic University in leading its polytechnic education, training and research, and working for the better development of it.

Core Values

  • Academic Quality: to promote and monitor the quality of teaching and programs of the university through maintaining the high academic standards and improving the quality of teaching and learning for its students.
  • Excellence: to ensure quality of teaching, research and provision of excellent service to the public via the university outcomes of graduates, academic and research activates of the staff as a whole.
  • Diversity: to encourage acceptance, respect, and opportunity among the different local areas and composes of the university through interactions with colleges, institutions, academi staff, students and the employees to create a meaningful university live and a beneficial one for the society.  
  • Integrity: to promote, uphold and sustain social and ethical responsibility among all the ethical groups and their belongings.
  • Coordination: to coordinate the overall programs of QA in the technical colleges and institutes of the university through the QA units and their engagement with the ongoing process of the programs either by coursework or annually.
  • Cooperation: the directorate of QA cooperates with the other directorates of the university to facilitate their workload concerned with the QA and the process of the National University Ranking and other activities record.

The main processes of Quality Assurance for the academic staff include the following programs as embedded by the MHESR:

  • Teaching Quality Assurance- TQA
  • Continuous Academic Development- CAD
  • Teachers` Portfolio
  • Study Programs
  • Licensing and Accreditation

These programs are planned and designed according to specific instructions in a manner that is appropriate with the higher education system in the Kurdistan Region, and also to be in line with the standards of the world advanced universities. The process of quality assurance will be under the supervision and follow-up of experts and there will be annual review of the programs for modification and further development as required.