Duhok Polytechnic University boasts a comprehensive array of directorates vital to its operational excellence and academic advancement. The Auditing and Finance Monitoring Directorate ensures financial transparency and accountability, while the Media Directorate manages communication strategies and public relations. The Information Technology (IT) Directorate oversees technological infrastructure and support services essential for academic and administrative functions. Engineering and Projects Directorate spearheads campus development initiatives, while Health and Safety Directorate prioritizes the well-being of students and staff. Scientific Affairs Directorate fosters research endeavors and academic collaborations. Administration & Human Resources Directorate handles personnel matters, while General Registration Directorate facilitates student enrollment processes. Financial Affairs Directorate manages budgeting and resource allocation, and Secretariat Council coordinates administrative tasks efficiently. Dormitories Directorate provides accommodation services, and Legal Affairs Directorate ensures institutional compliance with regulations. Finally, Quality Assurance Directorate monitors and enhances academic standards, collectively reflecting Duhok Polytechnic University's commitment to excellence across various domains.