Business Administration Techniques


We aspire that the Department of Business Administration Technics will be distinguished in the field of scientific research, and that it will provide the community with qualified graduates to work in various fields of business administration, in line with the needs of the labor market in the Kurdistan Region.


We seek to make the Department of Business Administration Technics, with its various programs and through the use of the latest means and Technics of education, a center of excellence in the process of education, the preparation of studies and research, and the provision of specialized consultations, which contributes to the preparation of qualified human capital pioneeringly and with a high degree of academic and professional competence to enhance the competitiveness of institutions and organizations in the Kurdistan Regional Market and the international market.


To achieve the vision and mission of the of Business Administration Technics Department, the following objectives have been defined:

  1. Upgrading the level of services provided to students.
  2. Developing and improving relations with government institutions, private sector organizations and civil society, and obtaining appropriate opportunities for graduates in those institutions and organizations.
  3. Development of postgraduate programs (higher diploma, master and doctorate).
  4. Building a supportive environment for scientific research, and preparing research and studies that focus mainly on serving the community and addressing its problems.
  5. The department strives to increase the skills of teachers through training courses inside and outside the region.
  6. Providing management consultations to the beneficiaries, whether for the government (public) sector or the private sector
  7. Preparing training and development courses for state employees and employees of private sector organizations through continuing education courses, in application of the slogan (the university in community service).
  8. Encouraging young students and graduates to adopt small projects and start opening their own projects by developing their ideas, knowledge and skills and involving them in competitions that will provide them with opportunities for creativity and initiative and finance distinguished projects.


  1. Leadership: by achieving an advanced competitive position compared to the departments of business administration in other local and regional colleges.
  2. Excellence: We aim for excellence and quality by ensuring the quality of outputs in line with local and international standards.
  3. Continuous development in performance in various aspects of work through the constant desire to keep pace with development in administrative sciences.
  4. Future outlook by foreseeing recent developments in the field of administrative sciences and their applications.
  5. Professionalism: Acting professionally with all internal and external parties, including students.