Live Your Life and Realize Your Dreams

Each university at its founding has its own vision and aim to achieve it. Duhok Polytechnic University has set its sights on being one of the main pillars of scientific research and academic education in addition to vocational training to help build and develop the Kurdistan Region. The University also aspires to prepare graduates and cadres of young people and researchers of a high standard, and within the global standards to ensure the quality of education. As well as building a cadre of science and knowledge to meet the requirements of the labor market, and the public and private sectors.

Duhok Polytechnic University offers you the opportunity to study in any field that meets your wishes and aspirations. As the university includes many institutes and colleges that will help you to raise your level of science in addition to academic achievement. Our university consists of six colleges and eight institutes, including many medical, engineering, administrative and technical specialties. The study in these disciplines will also increase the chances of getting the job you want after graduation, as competition for job opportunities increases.

In addition to the scientific activities, in our university you can do many extra-curricular activities in coordination with the Kurdistan Students Union. Such as; organizing recreational, scientific trips, and setting up sports competitions, art exhibitions, community service events and environmental protection.

We at Duhok Polytechnic University understand that the student is the basis of progress and prosperity, and we consider him/her a national wealth and investment in the future of the Kurdistan Region. Therefore, we seek to devote all efforts required to build and evaluate this investment, and to preserve it.

You can find out all the details of any college or institute by visiting its website located within the "Academic" list and then entering the institutes or colleges.