Sustainability Leadership: GSSC and University Initiative

Through our university's active participation in global interaction activities and programs, we have been deeply involved in the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge (GSSC) program. This initiative serves as a platform for harnessing the capabilities and skills of our students, fostering a collaborative team spirit, and channeling their efforts towards global sustainability, benefiting humanity at large and our communities in particular.

Today, the Entrepreneurship Center at our university hosted an event aimed at supporting our university team's participation in the GSSC program. Assist. Prof Dr. Firas M. Mustafa AlFaqi, delivered an informative seminar as part of a student training session, attended by some faculty members, under the theme "The...." This seminar is integral to the team's preparation efforts, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and insights to navigate the challenges ahead.

The application of sustainability principles holds immense potential for driving leadership by optimizing the consumption of the available resources. Furthermore, promoting sustainability represents a pioneering step towards achieving leadership across all spheres of life, facilitating societal development and advancement. We are proud of our university's commitment to sustainability and look forward to witnessing the positive impact of our students' efforts in this vital field.