Academic Perspectives

Academic perspectives serve as a catalyst for innovation, excellence, and transformative learning within the academic community at Duhok Polytechnic University. By embracing diverse viewpoints, nurturing interdisciplinary collaboration, and promoting a culture of continuous learning, the institution can empower its staff to thrive as educators, researchers, and global citizens. Through strategic initiatives aimed at promoting academic perspectives, Duhok Polytechnic reaffirms its commitment to delivering quality education and advancing knowledge in service of society.

The Digitization of Kurdistan Regional Government: Benefits and Challenges

Idow Abdal KhamokaTechnical Institute of ShekhanThe use of information technology in the field of governance entails great advantages and benefits, which many countries have been able to enjoy for mo…


Will electronic journalism replace paper journalism?

Dr. Rawan Subhi Obaidullah


Job Opportunities in Kurdistan Region … Challenges and Solutions

Dr. Nafser Abdulqader AbdalTechnical Institute of AdministrationIntroductionThe inability of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to absorb the numbers of graduates from institutes and universitie…