The year 2002 marked a significant milestone in the scientific landscape of Zakho city with the inauguration of its first academic scientific center. The establishment of Zakho Technical Institute marked the inception of higher education in the Zakho region. During the academic year 2002-2003, the institute welcomed its first batch of students.


The institute was founded with the aim of cultivating an expert and scientific workforce across various disciplines. Annually, in response to market and regional demands, the institute introduces specialized programs to address gaps in expertise and knowledge.


Over the years, the institute has successfully nurtured academic and professional talents in diverse fields such as medical, technical, and administrative, catering to the specific needs of the region. These trained individuals are envisioned to play pivotal roles in both public and private sectors, contributing to effective regional management.


Through collaborations with organizations, companies, and universities, the institute remains committed to acquainting its students with modern techniques, equipment, and scientific advancements. The faculty adopts a comprehensive approach, blending theoretical teachings with practical applications, and evaluates students' understanding in both classroom and field settings.


The institute places great emphasis on principles, traditions, and national pride, evident in its annual activities and events.

Academic Departments

The institute comprises morning and evening departments offering programs in Information Technology, Nursing, Petroleum Studies, Business Administration, Conservation Agriculture, and Medical Laboratory Technology. New departments are introduced annually to meet the evolving needs of the region.

Staff Composition

The institute's staff includes 4 Doctorate holders, 39 Master's degree holders, 67 Bachelor's degree holders, 3 Higher Diploma holders, and 112 Diploma holders, totaling 253 employees. Currently, several staff members and teachers are pursuing further education locally and abroad.


Academic Staff

Technical Institute of Zakho