A workshop on Academic Accreditation was held at DPU

Under the supervision of (Prof. Dr. Aree Adel) Rector of Duhok Polytechnic University and in the presence of all three Vice Rectors and with the purpose of conducting a workshop on academic accreditation of universities and how to work deans of colleges and institutes tation) On 15/01/2024, Directorate of Skills Development organized a workshop for five deans of colleges, six deans of technical institutes and seven directorates of the university presidency. This workshop addressed basic topics related to academic accreditation standards and best practices in higher education institutions. Participants actively interacted in discussions and scientific activities.

After the topics of the workshop were presented by (Dr. Mowafaq Ramzi Haji (Leadership in American Higher Education), the deans of colleges and institutes actively discussed the topics related to the standards of reliability and academic accreditation and best practices of higher education Workshops were explained. On the other hand, the Vice Rectors expressed their commitment and support for the continuous improvement of professional development and raising working standards in all fields.