Innovation program

On behalf of The American University of Kurdistan (AUK), I would like to invite your interested students to the next step in the Innovation program, namely the Ignite Program. We would like to ask the students with business ideas to fill out the application form. There will be two Identical Ignite Programs. The first Ignite round will be from June 19th till June 30th. The second Ignite round will be from July 17th till July 28th. The Ignite Program is a two-week program for early-stage entrepreneurs to test product-market fit and the feasibility of their business ideas. The program will give early-stage entrepreneurs the skills necessary to know whether they have a winning business idea. During the two-week program, entrepreneurs will get high-quality training, networking opportunities and much more to make their business idea *perfect* for their customers and *viable* in the market. 

Participants need to have the below to be eligible for the program:

1- Have an innovative & scalable startup idea!

2- You must complete the below application form. Please find the application form here:

3- You must be accepted and invited to join the Ignite program

Please find attached more information on the Ignite Program in the flyer attached and the link to the info session below: