The DPU Entrepreneurship Center is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and innovative ecosystem that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, resources, and guidance to individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship, enabling them to navigate the challenges of starting and growing their businesses. We aim to be a catalyst for economic development by nurturing a community of forward-thinking individuals who embrace creativity, resilience, and collaboration. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to excellence, our mission is to contribute to the development of a thriving entrepreneurial landscape that drives innovation, job creation, and sustainable economic growth.


We aspire to create an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters creativity, risk-taking, and continuous learning. By equipping entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and networks they need, our vision is to see a multitude of prosperous and socially responsible enterprises emerge, making a lasting impact on the local and global economy.

At the DPU Entrepreneurship Center, we are committed to championing innovation, fostering resilience, and promoting ethical business practices. Our vision extends beyond the immediate success of individual ventures; we aim to cultivate a community of entrepreneurs who, through their endeavors, contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for generations to come. We aim to create a fertile ground for innovation, equip students with practical skills, support economic development, and position the institution as a hub of entrepreneurial excellence in the local and global ecosystem. It will serve as a community space where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to share expertise, eliminate social isolation, enhance productivity, and offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional work environments by applying the following basic principles:

  1. Promoting Innovation and Creativity: The DPU Entrepreneurship Center encourages students, faculty, and the broader community to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. It provides essential resources and expert guidance to transform ideas into viable businesses.
  2. Supporting Economic Development: By incubating startups and supporting small businesses, the university contributes to local and regional economic growth. These successful businesses can create job opportunities, stimulate economic activity, and generate tax revenue for the community.
  3. Fostering a Culture of Entrepreneurship: The center plays a pivotal role in creating a culture of entrepreneurship within DPU, inspiring students and faculty to explore entrepreneurship as a career path. This helps bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical business skills.
  4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Recognizing that entrepreneurship often involves multiple domains, such as technology, business, and design, the Entrepreneurship Center serves as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration. It brings together students and faculty from various fields to work on innovative projects.
  5. Networking Opportunities: The center provides a platform for students and entrepreneurs to connect with mentors, investors, and fellow innovators. Networking is essential for business success, and the center facilitates those crucial connections.
  6. Access to Resources: Entrepreneurship Centers offer access to a wide range of resources, including funding, co-working spaces, prototyping facilities, and legal advice. These resources are especially crucial for startups in their early stages.
  7. Education and Training: The center provides comprehensive training and education on entrepreneurship, business planning, marketing, financial management, and other essential skills. This education can take formal and informal forms, including courses, workshops, seminars, and mentorship.
  8. Research Opportunities: DPU often engages in research with commercial applications. DPU Entrepreneurship Center helps researchers explore the commercial potential of their work and assist in technology transfer.
  9. Community Engagement: The center serves as a bridge between DPU and the local community. It can host events, competitions, and workshops open to the public, fostering a sense of engagement and cooperation.
  10. Showcasing Success Stories: Successful startups and entrepreneurs who emerge from the university serve as inspiring examples for current and future students, demonstrating the practical benefits of entrepreneurship education and support.
  11. Impact on Rankings and Reputation: Establishing a robust Entrepreneurship Center can enhance the university's reputation, attracting students, faculty, and investors. It can also positively influence national and international university rankings.
  12. Adapting to Market Demands: In response to the rapidly changing business landscape and the rise of the entrepreneurial mindset, DPU recognizes the need to adapt to meet the evolving demands of its students and the job market.