Entrepreneurial Network Building

The DPU Entrepreneurship Center envisions a future where entrepreneurship is at the heart of societal progress, driving positive change and transforming ideas into impactful businesses. Our vision is to be a globally recognized hub that cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel empowered to pursue their dreams and contribute to the greater good. Below is a list of potential local and international partners that we are planning to cooperate with in the future:

Station Foundation: for Entrepreneurship to become the cornerstone for Iraqi youth with fresh and innovative ideas. (the-station.iq)

Five One Labs: is an international startup incubator that helps talented entrepreneurs from diverse communities launch their startups. (fiveonelabs.org)

Mosul Space is an innovation hub that supports youth in Iraq in developing their products and startups. (mosulspace.org)

California State University, Sacramento: is a regional hub and platform for providing approachable and accessible entrepreneurial education, community, and support to enable startup founders of all backgrounds. (csus.edu/center/carlsen)

NorCal Entrepreneur Hub: Our mission is to build and sustain a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial community that increases the volume and success of local founders, fueling economic growth. (norcalentrepreneurhub.com)

Re:Coded: A non-profit empowering the next generation of tech leaders by providing them with the skills and min. (www.re-coded.com)

Iraq Response Innovation Lab: it supports the development, testing, and scaling of innovative ideas. (responseinnovationlab.com)