The Institute in brief

The Administrative Technical Institute of the Polytechnic University of Duhok, established in 1989, encompasses various technological and administrative departments. In 2009-2010, administrative divisions were separated from technological ones, resulting in the creation of the independent Administrative Technical Institute under the jurisdiction of the Erbil Technical Education Authority. Following the establishment of the Polytechnic University of Duhok, the institute became one of its academic pillars responsible for cultivating and graduating middle-tier professionals. The institute offers a two-year academic program, with approximately 60% of the curriculum dedicated to theoretical and practical training. Additionally, students undergo summer internships in governmental and private sectors, a prerequisite for graduation. Upon completion, graduates receive a Technical Diploma, enabling them to work in various governmental and private institutions. Admission is open to high school graduates from scientific, literary, and vocational branches. Top graduates have the opportunity to pursue further education in the region’s colleges and universities, including those affiliated with Duhok Technical University. The Administrative Technical Institute houses diverse administrative departments with specialized laboratories and fields for student training. It also comprises scientific and administrative units, along with a standard library containing books across various scientific disciplines. Faculty members, holding advanced degrees, engage in both teaching and research activities aligned with the annual scientific plan.


The institute's vision focuses on establishing an innovative technical education system that aligns with the evolving demands of the job market in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Its mission is to provide high-quality technical education, producing distinguished graduates capable of serving the community in various technical-administrative fields.


The institute’s objectives include preparing specialized and scientifically qualified professionals, utilizing modern teaching methods, enhancing faculty capabilities, contributing to societal values, fostering research, and promoting a sense of citizenship and teamwork.


The core values encompass excellence, the teacher as an educational asset, placing student responsibility at the forefront, emphasizing justice and integrity, and encouraging reward and distinction to promote fair competition and creativity in their respective fields.


Academic Staff

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