The Technical Institute of Shingal is one of the institutions within the University of Duhok Technology, associated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan. It was established by the Regional Government of Kurdistan. Originally located in the district of Chenkal in Sabquaomrkz, it was situated in the western province of Nineveh, northern Iraq, on Mount Shingal, approximately 80 km away from the city of Mosul. This area is inhabited by a majority of Yazidis, along with minorities of Turkmen and Arabs, totaling a population of more than 84 thousand people according to the 2014 census. The institute faced the tragic events initiated by criminal gangs of ISIS but was subsequently relocated to Dohuk governorate in 2014. Currently, it is situated in the district of Sumel, located in the Dohuk province. The Institute was established in the years 2012-2013 with the aim of serving as a vital center reflecting the scientific, academic, and cultural aspects of the region and the Kurdistan Region as a whole. Since its inception, it has attracted students from various regions and nationalities, reflecting its diverse nature. This diversity enriches the Institute's mission to prepare technically and scientifically qualified graduates for both public and private sectors, providing them with specialized expertise in their respective fields. The Institute offers a two-year program for high school graduates, consisting of a balanced mix of theoretical education and practical training. Additionally, students undergo summer training in governmental and private sector organizations, fulfilling all study requirements. Upon completion, students are awarded a Technical Diploma Certificate, enabling them to pursue careers in governmental departments, institutions, or the private sector, with the opportunity to further their studies in colleges and universities within the region.

The Institute comprises two departments: the Department of Health Management and the Department of Accounting, with a combined student body of about 100 individuals. It also houses various scientific and administrative units, an internet center, and a sports unit facilitating students' participation in sports activities and tournaments. The Institute boasts an esteemed faculty with higher education qualifications, engaged in teaching and research tasks as part of the annual scientific plan, encompassing scientific and applied research in their respective fields of expertise.


  1. To exert a strong and positive influence in the fields of applied technical sciences within the Kurdistan Region by enhancing staff capabilities, providing technical training, and leveraging their expertise for societal benefit.
  2. To contribute to the establishment of a scientific and technical foundation across various disciplines, including medical, agricultural, administrative, and others, at the higher education level nationwide.


  1. To position the Institute as a hub of scientific and cultural exchange for the region by fostering the development and employability of its human resources.
  2. To produce scientifically and practically competent professionals in administrative and scientific domains, aligned with the latest global advancements.
  3. To promote ethical values in technical education by delivering high-quality technical education that enhances human knowledge and skills, adapting to environmental and societal changes.


  • To equip technical and scientific personnel with up-to-date knowledge in various scientific disciplines.
  • To cater to the intermediate technical staffing needs of governmental and private sectors.
  • To prepare qualified professionals in accordance with international academic standards, both theoretically and practically, in administrative and scientific fields.


Academic Staff

Technical Institute of Shingal