Business Administration


The Department of Business Administration is one of the most important departments adhering to professional ethics, quality standards, credibility and excellence in education and the development of human capabilities to serve the needs of the market and develop its performance to keep pace with modernity through advanced curriculum and applications of knowledge and scientific certificates that are relied upon regionally and globally by government and private institutions as well as by individuals who are looking for education in the field of business administration with standards, specifications and certificates duly certified.


The Department of Business Administration seeks continuous success and gaining the confidence of institutions and individuals in the region to build a solid bridge of cooperation that ensures the positive development of the academic and professional knowledge system, support professionalism, raise efficiency and improve the general performance of society in a way that supports the comprehensive renaissance that the region aspires to reach.


  1. Developing student’s communication and professional behavior skills in a business setting, such as: effective and professional communication in a business setting through face-to-face or virtual communication, written, spoken, listening, and electronic media.
  2. Demonstrating awareness of how business practices are impacted by the global economy, ecology, politics, ethics, law, and regulations.
  3. Recognizing, evaluating, and developing suggestions for solutions for business opportunities and challenges
  4. Assisting in organizational decision-making through the use of quantitative and qualitative tools and procedures.