Information Technology


The department of Information Technology envisions to create groomed, technically competent and skilled intellectual IT professionals specifically in Duhok city to meet the current challenges of the modern computing industry. The department is the pioneer in innovation and technical achievement, which will graduate a competitive IT generation capable of responding to continuous and sustainable changes in this area, in addition to that creating an environment where all students have access to different technology resources that serve different fields of life which based on computer technology as well as the scientific procession leading to the enrichment of the knowledge society.


The mission of the IT is to provide our society with the information technology they need to be successful. We do this by providing reliable, secure, and innovative technology solutions that are tailored to our society needs. We are also committed to provide excellent customer service, and we are always looking for new ways to improve our services.


  1. The students that graduate from IT Department have a special expertise to work in various fields of life which based on information technology and computer science.
  2. Developing the capacity of students to participate in serving the community through the use of computer technologies.
  3. Make a link between scientific research and the problems that facing the country institutions and the private sector through applied researches.