Dr. Nawzat Sadiq attends the regular meeting of technical & polytechnics universities held at the Southern Technical University

In the presence of the President of the Technical Education Authority, the Assistant President of the Technical University of Dohuk, the President of the Central Technical University, the President of the University of Basra, the President of the Southern Technical University, and Erbil Technical University, in addition to representatives of UNESCO, as well as the assistants and directors of the relevant departments.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was chaired by the Chairman of the Technical Education Authority, Professor Dr. Wadah Amer Hatem, the meeting participants discussed a number of items on the agenda, the most important of which was the future directions of the TVET3 project, which includes the internationalization of technical universities, as well as following up on the referral of investment plan projects to the Technical Education Authority. And its implementation in a way that achieves the advancement of technical education in service of sustainable development paths in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

The attendees agreed to build bridges of scientific and cultural cooperation between the four technical universities and the universities of the region and to coordinate with their educational institutions.