The Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) Entrepreneurship Center is a dynamic space that fosters innovation, economic growth, and a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship. DPU is actively planning and designing the Entrepreneurship Center, drawing inspiration from the co-working space concept, where visitors share the center's space. Nevertheless, our vision extends beyond merely providing physical space; it's about creating a thriving entrepreneurial community. This space will serve as a hub for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, allowing members to pool resources and reduce overhead costs. Yet, it's important to emphasize that the Entrepreneurship Center will be more than just a cost-sharing initiative; it will be a vibrant ecosystem fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship Center can be a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence, positioning Duhok Polytechnic University as a hub for innovation and economic growth in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The center focuses on sustaining partnerships, fostering creativity, and ensuring the long-term success of aspiring entrepreneurs. We are excited about the potential of contributing to entrepreneurship and innovation in our community. DPU presents a compelling case for participation in this initiative, with a range of factors that set us apart:

  1. Strong Commitment to Entrepreneurship: Our unwavering commitment to fostering entrepreneurship among students, alums, and the broader community is evident through our dedication to establishing an Entrepreneurship Center. This commitment extends beyond our goals, aligning seamlessly with the objectives of this program.
  2. Regional Impact and Strategic Alignment: As a leading educational institution in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, our participation holds the potential for significant regional impact. It is integral to our strategic plan and the third mission of the university, which aims to bring together our exceptional students and alums. This initiative also aligns with the Kurdistan Regional Government's strategic plan for a Diverse Economy and Digital Transformation.
  3. Extensive Network and Collaboration: With an extensive network of alums, local industry connections, and partnerships with regional and international organizations, we have a unique advantage. This network can be leveraged to create opportunities, facilitate mentorship, and support entrepreneurial ventures that emerge from the program.
  4. Capacity Building and Program Suitability: Duhok Polytechnic University stands out for its focus on building capacities, emphasizing the development of soft and hard skills for our current and former students. Our teaching programs are tailored to be highly suitable for small and medium businesses, making us well-positioned to support entrepreneurship.
  5. Proven Success and Sustainability: Our university's track record in activities, such as the Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge (GSSC), Global Solutions Conversation (GSC), and DASTPEK Project (from idea to business), demonstrates our dedication to the principle of sustainability. Our teams secured first place twice in the (GSSC & GSC) competition, showcasing our capacity to deliver impactful solutions for sustainable development challenges.
  6. Collaborative Spirit: Collaboration is a core value at our university. We are eager to collaborate with program partners, share our experiences, and learn from other institutions to advance the cause of entrepreneurship and innovation collectively.
  7. Resilience and Skill Development: Duhok Polytechnic University has a demonstrated history of developing sustainable livelihood skills, contributing to the resilience of participants and their communities. This aligns with the broader objectives of the program, indicating our readiness to contribute effectively.