Research Center

The roles of the Dean of Research Center are:
1-     Oversight of Duhok Polytechnic University’s research strategy.

2-     Initiate research activities that contribute to; new discoveries, scientific and technical breakthroughs, innovation, institutional reputation.

3-     Coordinate and promote the University’s research.

4-     Represent Duhok Polytechnic University to external R&D funding agencies in Iraq as well as abroad. 

5-     Responsible for initiating partnerships and collaborations with industry via research, knowledge transfer, and internships. In addition, managing and following up with the implementation of international programs and agreements.

6-     Promote international collaboration in research and engage in strategic alliances and networking with other world-wide universities.

7-     Managerial responsibility of IT directorate of the University.

8-     Managerial responsibility of skills development directorate. Responsible for skills development of the academic staff members of the DPU.

9-     Managerial responsibility for the University’s English Language programs.

10-   Promote interdisciplinary research collaboration with the interaction of the University’s deans. 

11-   Establish, Maintain, and oversee programs and research’s laboratories and centers.

12-   Assist colleges to deliver the Strategic Plan s targets in order to obtain an improvement in the quality and quantity of the University s research which leads to increasing the University’s research grant income.