Scientific Affairs Directorate


  • - Scientific Div.
  • - Practical Training Div
  • - Higher Education & Short-Term Scholarship Div.
  • - Scientific Magazine Div.


The tasks of the directorate


  1. Releasing transcripts for DPU graduates upon their graduation
  2. Releasing permission orders for DPU Diploma graduates to start their BSc
  3. Nominate staff to serve at the following DPU annual committees:
  • Advisory and scientific affairs committeeto follow up on research process starting from registering the idea up to publishing
  • Scientific promotion committee to confirm the legality of all requirements based on the Ministry rules.
  • Scientific title committee to grant scientific titles.
  • Examination committee to prepare DPU exams timetable and supervise the whole examination process
  1. Organizing and managing DPU summer training program for year 2 Diploma students 
  2. Arranging the “Teaching Methods” and other training courses for DPU staff
  3. Assuring that the DPU teaching staff is following the ministry rules in terms of number of teaching hours.
  4. Preparing the DPU academic calendar