Health and Safety Directorate


  • - Social Consultant Div.
  • - Environmental Care Div.


The tasks of the directorate


  1. Providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and students of the university.
  2. Protecting all employees and students of the university from all kinds of risk.
  3. Protecting equipment s from unsuspected accidents.
  4. Directing the maintenance workers to determine the places needs to maintain to prevent fire accidents.
  5. Direct the services directorate to follow up the hygiene of the university by using good types of detergents and sterilizers to defense disease distribution.
  6. Providing annual missions for all technical colleges and institutes.
  7. Supervising the teams and units of health and safety work of all technical colleges and institutes.
  8. Directing the Committee of Health and Safety for following up the clubs of university.
  9. Determining a day for experiencing the evacuation of buildings.
  10. Daily detection for fire extinguishers in their special places. 
  11. Stimulation of teachers and employees to contact the committee of health and safety when an urgent accident happens.
  12. Placing guiding posters for purpose of distribution of cultural awareness.
  13. Confirmation on providing the proper service for students accommodations.
  14. Collecting information about disable students and their numbers.
  15. Opening educational workshops for teachers and students like fire extinguishing and first aids.