Public Relations Directorate

  • - Cultural Relations Division
  • - Media Division
  • - Hospitality Division
The tasks of the directorate


  1. Responsible for preparing and setting up Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and agreements between the DPU and the academic and scientific institutions around the world.
  2. Directly deals with scholarships and various programmes for the students and DPU’s staff who are looking forward to pursuing their higher education abroad.
  3. Addressing the related offices at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding visa applications, managing partnership agreements, advancing and coordinating cooperation with international institutions and organizations.
  4.  Responsible for management and execution of major campus events.
  5.  Responsible for organizing seminars, workshops, conferences.
  6. Organizing and conducting interviews and meetings with visitors.
  7. Providing information concerning DPU’s relations and activities.
  8. Representing DPU on regional, and national committees and organizations.
  9. Initiating and maintaining cooperative relationships with other colleges and universities, professional organizations, civic organizations, and relevant institutions.
  10. Assisting DPU’s administrators in gathering and analyzing data relative to strategic planning, accreditation, marketing, and enrolment and recruitment planning for the University.
  11. Developing the annual operating budget for the Cultural Relations Directorate.
  12. Performing other duties as assigned by the President.