Engineering and Projects Directorate

  • - Maps and Design Division
  • - Projects Pursuance Division
  • - Buildings Maintenance Division
The tasks of the directorate

The mission of this directorate is to enhance the ability of Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU) to provide high functioning of efficient and appropriate facilities by performing the following duties:

  1.  Developing strategic campus plan and programming for existing and future facilities.
  2.  Assisting the university leadership in the decision-making process as it relates to the physical environment of the campus. 
  3.  Planning major projects ranging from main building and facilities construction to installation of new equipment and small renovation projects.
  4.  Determining the most effective approach i.e., renovation, adaptive reuse, building addition, new construction, or combination, to meet space needs.
  5.  Administering construction process from bidding to retention of master contracts, forms of agreement, project conditions, and other related documents.
  6.  Scheduling and budgeting all projects based on DPU strategic plan in addition to securing approvals necessary to initiate implementation. 
  7.  Reporting on monthly and quarterly basis to Kurdistan Cabinet as well as to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. 

A. Department of Maps and Design 

They manage the project through design, construction, and closeout by:

  • Coordinating the design phases of the projects
  • Administering the work of architectural and engineering design consultants
  • Overseeing the activities of the outside contractors and construction managers
  • Turning-over the new or renovated facilities to the university

B. Department of Projects Pursuance  

This department is responsible for monitoring and observing all the above mentioned activities of this directorate from planning and budgeting through  construction to occupancy. 

C. Department of Buildings Maintenance

This department supports existing buildings and facilities of the University by:

  • Addressing customer requests as well as condition complaints
  • Performing the ongoing maintenance and repair 
  • Insuring that the buildings assigned are properly operated and maintained to serve the needs of the occupants.