Undergraduate Students

General Conditions:

1- The applicant should hold an Iraqi identification card

2- The applicant must be a high school graduate that belongs to the ministry of education in Kurdistan Region.  He/she needs to provide a copy of his/her official transcript certified by the Directorate of Education.

3- The applicant needs to pass a standard medical test with specific conditions for each college and institute.

4- The applicant should not be over 35 for morning studies and 40 for evening studies and 45 for parallel studies. Applicants who have a final grade point average of more than 80 percent are not subjected to age conditions.


  • The applicant s high school certificate with his/her Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • A copy of Iraqi Nationality Card.
  • A copy of Identity Card.
  • A copy of Information Card
  • A copy of Ration Card (Food Supply)
  • A medical test form.
  • Eight passport sized pictures.
  • Declaration that the given information and related documents are true and correct.

Number of sutdents for academic Year 2014-2015




1 Technical College of Engineering - Duhok 203
2 Technical College of Administration - Duhok 231
3 Technical College of Akre 105
4 Technical College of Health - Shekhan 128
5 Duhok Technical Institute 828
6 Duhok Administration Technical Institute 967
7 Akre Technical Institute 768
8 Zakho Technical Institute 1089
9 Amedi Technical Institute 451
10 Shekhan Technical Institute 322
11 Bardarash Technical Institute 344
12 Shingal Technical Institute 121
  Total 5543