Fact Sheet

Official Name of the University: Duhok Polytechnic University (DPU)

Founded: 7 August, 2012

Institution Type: Public University

Number of Campuses: 8 Campuses (2 in Duhok, Akre, Amedi, Bardarash, Shekhan, Zakho and Shingal)

Presidency Address: Zakho road 61, Mazi Qr. 1006, P.O. Box 101

Duhok 42001, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The President: Prof. Dr. Eng. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez

Faculty members: (291)

Doctoral Degree Holders: (40)

Master’s Degree Holders: (251)

Post-Graduate Diploma Holders: (16)

Employees: 1466


DPU Technical Colleges and Institutions :

A- Technical Institutes (2 years, Diploma Degree):
  1. Duhok Technical Institute
  2. Duhok Technical Institute of Administration
  3. Akre Technical Institute
  4. Amedi Technical Institute
  5. Bardarash Technical Institute
  6. Shekhan Technical Institute
  7. Zakho Technical Institute
  8. Shingal Technical Institute
B- Technical Colleges (4 years, Bachelor Degree):
  1. Duhok Technical College of Engineering
  2. Duhok Technical College of Administration
  3. Akre Technical College
  4. Shekhan Technical College of Health
  5. Zakho Technical College of Petroleum and Mineral Sciences
  6. Akre Technical College of Informatics

Number of departments: 55 Departments (42 awarding Diploma and 13 awarding Bachelor)

Number of currently registered students: 6759 Students

Number of Graduates for the Academic Year 2015 - 2016: 1756

Total Number of Graduates Since Founded: 23229

Average Class Size: 40 – 50


International Partnerships:

  • Siirt University-Turkey
  • Duhok Private Technical Institute-Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Near East University- Northern Cyprus
  • Cihan University- Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics- Hungary
  • The University of Szeged-Hungary
  • Management and Science University-Malaysia
  • Sassari University-Italy
  • European University of Lefke-Turkey
  • Torino Polytechnic University-Italy
  • Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean University-Northern Cyprus
  • Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology-USA
  • Lulea University of Technology-Sweden
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology-Jordan
  • Yozuncu Yil Universitesi-Turkey
  • Tennessee State University-USA
  • Kharkiv Aviation Institute-Ukraine
  • Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute-Ukraine
  • Kiev Polytechnic Institute-Ukraine


The areas of potential cooperation that the University is interested in/or looking for collaboration with international universities and institution:

  1. Grants
  2. Exchange Programs
  3. English Training Courses for the Staff
  4. Scholarships
  5. Capacity Building

Centers at the university:

  1. Center of Scientific Research
  2. Students’ Center.
  3. Career Development Center
  4. English Language Center
  5. Skills Development Center

The point of contact: The Directorate of Relations

                   Phone Number: 964(0) 750 457 4074

                   E-mail: public.relations@dpu.edu.krd

The official website address of the university: www.dpu.edu.krd
Facebook Page: Duhok Polytechnic University