Following the formal request of the committee of Higher Education of Turkey for the purpose of gathering senior representatives (The Vice Chancellor’s Forum in which the senior representatives of the higher education cooperate on the development of the higher education of the Islamic world).

The delegation from Kurdistan Region were the president of DPU Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abudlazeez, president of Sallahadin University Dr. Ahmed Dizay, president of Duhok University Dr. Muslih Duhoki, president of Zakho University Dr. Lazgin, president of Sulaimani Polytechnic University Dr. Alan Fraydun and the president of Kirkuk University, as all of them were welcomed by Turkish President Rajab Tayib Ardogan.

Forming the Higher Education Area is the theme of such event. The Forum provides more opportunity for further collaboration and networking for the vice Chancellors and Rectors.