April 20, 2017

Duhok Polytechnic University attended a Panel on the occasion of 119 years of Kurdish Press, was under the auspices of President of DPU Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez and under the title ( Assessment of the Kurdish Media ). At first ,President of University gave his speech and congratulated all journalists . Then, the representative of the Ministry of Cultural Dr. Salar Othman , spoke clearly about the Kurdish Media between work and industry. The assessment of Kurdish Media in various political stages , was the talk of the writer and poet ,Muayed Tayeb.

After a short break , social media and its impact on the Kurdish society was the subject of lecturer at Salahaddin University , Sadiq Hama Kharib. In the last paragraph in this panel , spoke the director of Rodao Media Channel, Eko Mohammed , that Rodao is a new exam of internal and external advertising .

In the end of each paragraph , it was open discussion and conversation between the attendees on the topics discussed in this panel . In addition , the exhibition of books opened in the university Presidency of and was a part of this activity .