On Sunday, 30/7/2017, the council of the Institute, chaired by His Excellency Asst. Prof (Dr. Samir Mho Jameel) by the presence of all the council members was appointed a lot of notes were: * Completion of all the requirements of the examination committee from the preparation of the examination & monitoring tables for the second round, and counting the number of students who fail the First exam. * Completing the distribution of the subjects on the lecturers and preparing the necessary plans for this. The Dean focused on selecting qualified lecturers to improve the teaching practice more effectively. * Discussing the graduation ceremony for the graduates of the 2016-2017, which was set on Thursday 14/9/2017 as a date. The council members focus was on addressing all the security, cultural and media institutions to cooperate with us just to success of the ceremony in the best possible way. * Because of the travel of the Dean Asst. Prof( Dr. Samir Mho Jameel) to perform Hajj during the month of August next, has been Delegated (Dr. Zahir Abdullateef Jameel) as the Dean of the institute.

2017-07-31 09:34:41