President of DPU (Prof. Dr. Adnan Mohsin Abdul Aziz) and Assist. Prof. (Dr. Sameer Maho Jamil) Dean of the Technical Institute in Bardarach  inaugurated the laboratories of the nursing department Bardarash Technical Institute , which was equipped with the latest tables of Benches with standard specifications. The laboratories were also equipped with sophisticated simulation puppets used in training nursing students in the many cases like Pediatric Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Medical – Surgical Nursing, As well as anatomy and physiology, in accordance with advanced scientific and industrial quality standards. It is worth mentioning that the laboratories are equipped with the aim of training students in practice before handling with patients in hospitals, by training on these simulations according to the condition types of medical examination of patients, and their cases, in addition to training on procedures and medical devices, until the student reaches a degree of confidence in the various nursing sciences needs to handling with patients before starting to train in hospitals. The new laboratory will provide nursing students with a rare opportunity to train in clinical skills, which students are rarely able to obtain in hospitals due to the large number of trainees who are admitted to hospitals, as well as the privacy of some medical cases and their inability to apply to one patient, especially those related to the possibility of training students to perform natural birth and ceserian section in the laboratory, and definition of the situations of obstetric delivery and methods of treatment as close to reality. The ceremony was attended by the vice – president of the University for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr. Zeerak Azizkhan Ahmed, the Dean of the Technical Institute in Akari Assist. Prof Dr. Manhal Elham Abdal and a delegation from the Presidency as well as the Head and Staff of the Nursing Department and the heads of scientific departments at the Institute